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As Ertek Textile Company we have been operating in the recycling sector since 2008 in Turkey. We manufacture and sell our recycled and original yarn as retail and wholesale to all over the World. In 2021 we have launched our new brand Loop’ncraft and we have started marketing our yarns on webshop (B2C & B2B ) from our warehouse based in Düsseldorf/Germany. After a while we started a cooperation with the Mana Group (Owner: Kamer Kumru Köse) in Düsseldorf/Germany. Since then Loop‘ncraft does its best to offer its customers fast and reliable service.

With innovative and creative ideas, Loop’ncraft aims to create recycled products that stimulate the change to a world without textile waste. We want to make the textile industry more ecological by making it possible to reuse materials that textile factories see as waste. Although these products are named as waste, they are actually top-quality products. These are the parts of leftover from high quality fabrics used by giant textile factories in ready-to-wear production. We are collecting this production surplusses and turn them into recycled cotton fibers by passing through some processes.

Loop'ncraft - Yarns for Future

Our adventure started with T-shirt Yarn, continued with different recycled Hand Knitting Yarns. Braidy yarn types are the favorite ones of them the solid Braidy, the color gradient versions Braidy Cake and Braidy Ombre, the melange version Braidy Mouline and shiny type Braidy Lurex are perfect yarns to crochet or knit decorative home articles and fashion accessories. The all time favorite Ribbon yarn, the braided and robust XXLace for projects that needs stability like crochet baskets. The soft and single stranded Barbante, the best yarns for amigurumi projects Slim Cotton and Slim Cotton Plus.

Macrame Cords, one of our categories with the widest product variety, are also on Loop’ncraft. You can get 3-ply twisted Macrame Rope with thicknesses from 2 mm to 10 mm. Single strand type Macrame String yarns from 2 mm to 5 mm thickness. Macrame Braided, the braided type of cords as the name suggests, are also for sale on Loop’ncraft.

Ertek Textile is one of the leading companies in the recycled yarns industry, started this way with the philosophy of "recycle and reuse" and continues. However, in order to keep up with the innovations in the knitting world and in line with the great demands from our valued customers, many original yarns have been added to its product range. We named them as Premium Collection yarns of Loop’ncraft because each product is carefully selected by making content controls in order not to compromise on its quality and line. These yarns are also obtained using sustainable production techniques. Sustainable production means that companies carry out their current production activities in an environmentally friendly manner so as not to endanger their future production.

Cotton yarns obtained from the world's highest quality cotton; Mercerized Cotton, Pure Cotton, Baby Cotton and Baby Cotton Rainbow. All of these cotton yarns are perfect for crochet or knit summery garments, airy accessories and especially for amigurumi projects. Soft blankets, sweet jackets, beanies and sweaters are possible this skin friendly yarn types for your babies and yourself. It also possible to crochet decorative home accessories like elegance blankets, cushion covers, placemats and runners with this yarns.

The color gradient yarns Soft Cake and Woolly Cake are the most beloved yarns of Loop’ncraft Premium Collection. They consists of wonderful harmony of 5 amazing colors. While the Soft Cake is suitable for summer/spring triangular shawls with its cotton and acrylic content, Woolly Cake is an excellent yarn for winter scarfs with its wool and acrylic content.

It is obvious that these new original products of Premium Collection will carry the Loop’ncraft brand and its ideology to higher levels. Our sustainable yarns are perfect for various crochet, knitting, weaving and macrame crafting projects.

Ertek Textile company processes about 6.500.000 kg of textile waste into specific type of recycled craft yarns per year. In addition, Ertek Textile produces 5.400.000 kg of recycled fibers per year. So we are giving another life to the materials that otherwise would be waste.

1 kg of recycled cotton saves 14.740 liters water, 56 kwh energy, 10,5 m² land use, 23 kg CO² emissions and 1,1 kg pollutions. We aim to contribute to the environment and to minimize our carbon footprint as best as we can.

Crochet and Knitting Supplies

In addition to yarns with different contents, on our website you can find all knitting, crochet materials and macrame supplies required for your projects such as all kinds of crochet, needle or macrame, such as Crochet Hooks, Knitting Needles, Macrame Accessories, Amigurumi Materials, Bag Accessories, colorful Wooden Beads, Punch Materials and Basket Bases.

At the same time, Loop’ncraft has created Kits and Knitting sets of favorite projects. By using of these sets, you can easily make magnificent designs with the patterns included in the kit. You can find Kits of many projects such as Home Decoration Kits, Macrame Kits, Amigurumi Kits, Bag Kits, Shawl Kits and Clothing Kits. In addition, sets have been created for your convenience for every hobby you want to learn, such as Macrame Beginner Set, Amigurumi Beginner Set and Punch Beginner Set.


Loop’ncraft offers you a wide collection of knitting and crochet patterns for free. It doesn’t if you are new to knitting and crochet, or you are an experienced knitter but excited of new projects, our Free Patterns are suitable for everyone. There are patterns from beginners to advanced levels. You can easily make the project you choose with the detailed and illustrated instruction in it.

We are always adding new Patterns to our category. You will find definitly something you will like. If you excited about knitting, crochet or macrame, you want to learn how to do it, you can find guide pages like learn to knit, learn to crochet and learn to macrame at the footer of our website. In addition you can find on our Youtube channel a lot of video guides for knitting, crochet and macrame.

Do not forget to visit frequently to buy all yarns with special offers and advantageous prices. The sales we apply on certain products on certain dates continue throughout the year.

You can follow loop’ncraft on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and YouTube to be inspired by new projects and also to be informed about all newness.

Join us and help us to make our world greener.
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