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DIY Crochet Kit

The phrase "do it yourself" came into common use in the 1950s and was used to describe a trend of various small crafts and projects aimed at entertainment or cost savings. The trend has been growing since then and is now more prevalent than ever.

Basically "do it yourself" means that instead of hiring a professional to perform a specific task or buying items from a store or craftsman you choose to do that task or create these items yourself without the direct assistance of an expert. People have begun to value handcrafted products more. When we make a product ourselves instead of buying it, its cost decreases and its morale increases. That's why people started to be more interested in DIY projects.

You can create DIY crochet works in the pleasant athmosphere of your own home with the kits of Loop'ncraft. You can color your decoration style with these kits that you can make in a simple way and you can start to catch a great integrity in decoration.

Let’s take a look at DIY crochet projects that you can do basically with Loop’ncraft Kits.

Knitting Set

Knitting kits are products that allow you to find all the materials you need for a new project in a single package and buy them at more affordable prices. The knitting guide helps you to produce a variety of knitting patterns with materials such as yarn, crochet and needle, with great ease. Thus, it allows you to spend more time for yourself and your loved ones by saving the time you spend on finding and purchasing all the necessary products for your project.

Did you know you can crochet a wondrous shawl only a ball Soft Cake yarn? It is not only a quick a simple way to have one but trendy and quality. You can easily design Macrame Wall decorations, which are among the popular design products of today, from boutique workshops to famous brands, with our Macrame Feather Kits and add fancy touches to your home.

Did your children bored of their room design or are they too messy? Your solution is in Loop’ncraft. There is an express way to organize their room and make it funnier. Buy a Fox Pattern Basket Kit now and start to enjoyable organise now.

If it is a unique fashion style that you are looking for then our Casual Bag Kit is perfect choice for you. It is an extra easy with whole materials inside of it. You will get closer one step more to your fashion dreams only buying this gorgeous kit.

Free Patterns

Loop’ncraft offers you not only amazing quality yarns also provide free patterns. We thought anything for you to crochet smoothly. Just take your hands and have create fabulous projects. Download a free pattern and enjoy the easy way of crocheting with Loop’ncraft.

Kits for Beginners

For beginner knitting lovers, our kits will be a good guide and a practical solution resource. These kits will be a great starter kit to diversify your hobbies. You can easily create many different projects thanks to our illustrated and detailed explanation guides.

There is nothing difficult in Loop’ncraft. We always make easier knitting for you. We create a lovely beginner box for you and named it Macrame Beginner Kit. It contains all you need to start to macrame.

There are 2 metal keychain hooks to compose marvelous keychains some basic knot techniques. Also you can compose Wall hangings that we sent wooden rings or another products. Push the limits of your imagination and make more trendy your home.

Our kits are renewed and presented to your liking in line with current trends.
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