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What is Macrame?

Macrame shining like a star among the latest decoration trends that become indispensable especially for bohemian and ethnic style lovers is a craft art that uses knotting techniques. Macrame is one of the oldest knitting arts from past to present.

The art of knotting, which forms the basis of macrame, has been known since ancient times and is used for different purposes. In the 13th century, Arab weavers used Macrame Knots to finish the ends of handwoven textiles. Later, the craft spread to Europe, making it a pastime for Seafarers on their long voyages. Sailors played a major role in keeping Macrame alive and sharing art with new lands. Knots had many practical uses on ships, but decorative knots kept hands and minds busy on long voyages. They also sold or traded knotted goods such as hammocks, belts and hats at the port.

Is Cotton Cord the Same as Macrame Cord?

Loop’ncraft Macrame Cords are include 70% cotton, 30% polyester. That’s why they can also be named as cotton cord. It means they are soft and easy to handle , comfy to make macrame projects. It is durable enough to make tight and solid your projects thus will never let you down in the half way. You can choose our cotton cords in peace of mind.

Macrame Rope

Macrame ropes are twisted, single twisted or braided cord ropes that resemble ropes in many thicknesses. Rope-like macrame threads are usually triple twisted and come in many thicknesses, from thin to thick. Thin thicknesses should be preferred for more minimal projects, and thick ones should be preferred forlarge designs such as hammocks and swings. Single twist macrame stands out due to it is scannable feature.

Macrame String

Macrame String is the most ideal yarn type for macrame projects that should be combed to brush out fringes. Macrame String is a type of single twisted yarn, unlike macrame rope. Again in this yarn, you can find different thicknesses from 2 mm to 5 mm.

One of our products, 3 mm 250g Sugar White Macrame String yarn is the most popular yarn for wall decorations, throw pillow covers, runners, dream catchers, coasters and bags, as well as macrame gift key chain and macrame leaf projects, which are among the favorite gifts of recent days. You can make Macrame Keychain , which will be a very economical gift, very easily and in a short time. You can get all the materials needed for this project from Loop’ncraft.

Macrame Braided

Macrame Braided is created by knitting machines by knitting like a chain. This braided structure gives a solid and solid stance to the projects made with this yarn. It is very easy to macrame and enjoyable to use. It has a thickness of 6 mm, which is perfect for wall decorations, bags, swings and many more projects. Imagıne you create an amazing swing with our 250 gr Beige Macrame Braided and make more enjoyfull your balcony. Isn’t it dream come true?

DIY Macrame

Macrame, which has become the most popular home decoration style of recent time. There is no limit what you can do with this uncredible yarn. It is a great area for who loves DIY Projects . You can create DIY crochet works in the comfortable athmosphere of your own home with the Loop'ncraft macrame ropes. It is also cheap and practical way to create your hobbies.

You can create a magnificent engagement concept that is both stylish and cost-effective with backgrounds consisting of huge Wall Hanging, macrame keychains as a simple and stylish gift, fabulous Macrame Dream Catchers , candlesticks covered with macrame.

You can reflect the macrame style on your tables by making projects such as supla, runner, coaster. You can make beautiful wall hanging and Plant Hangers in your balconies, terraces or gardens. Macrame mirror frame, wall shelf, pouf swing, hammock and many more designs, there is no space you can't beautify with this cotton cords.

In addition to decorative designs that give a natural and ethnic look, fashion accessories such as bags, jewelry or belts made of Macrame Cords are among the popular macrame projects. All you have to do to make market net, macrame portfolio bag or shoulder bag, colorful and large size bags, is to choose your rope and start knotting it. Our favorite Macrame Yarns are Macrame Rope Beige , Macrame String Khaki , Macrame String White in order.

There is thousands of Macrame cords that waiting for you in Click here and discover them!
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