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What is T-shirt? How to make T-shirt Yarn?

T-shirt yarn is a recycling wonder obtained from textile waste. Selvedge wastes of drying processes of fabrics which is the raw material of our T-shirt yarn. These wastes are sent to prewinding process. After this step they are coiled, labeled and ready for sale. It is a %100 recycled yarn. We ensure the reuse of waste textile materials with the slogan give waste a second life. By purchasing this yarn, you can contribute to our nature and protect the world's resources. Because 1kg of recycled yarn saves 14.740 liters of water and 10.5 m² land use.

T-shirt yarn is a very popular product that has been known for years and loved by everyone. As Loop’ncraft we offer you many kind of T-shirt yarn. There are more than 300 different color options on our website. It is divided into different categories as Large Solid T-Shirt Yarn, Large Printed T-Shirt Yarn, Medium Solid T-Shirt Yarn, Medium Printed T-Shirt Yarn. Our best-selling yarns in these categories are T-Shirt Yarn Benetton Green , T-Shirt Yarn Grey Melange , T-Shirt Yarn Grey and Blue Stripes . Among the most preferred colors are Melange Gray T-shirt Yarn, Soft Magenta T-shirt Yarn, Light Navy Cotton T-shirt Yarn.

T-shirt yarn is the first yarn we start to produce. It is a rare type of yarn that can be removed and reused over and over again. You can design whatever you want, unscrew it when you're not satisfied or bored, and turn it into another project. The most important thing to pay attention in this yarn is, the absence of color continuity. The colors varies constantly depending on each season and there is no continuation of any color. For this reason, it is recommended that you order as many as you want to use as soon as you find a color you like, otherwise the same color may not be found again.

Tshirt Yarn

You can use T-shirt yarn in every part of your home. Which product you get is up to your imagination. A great hobby type which you can improve your creativity! There are many different designs you can achieve with this yarn. An indispensable product for different decoration ideas ; baskets, mats, baby strollers, bags, carpets, throw pillows and more…

You can make eye-catching and cute carpets for your childrens rooms. You can knit baskets of different sizes where your children can put their toys, clothes or pens. Apart from this, there can be wonderful mops that you can use in your bathrooms, which also adapt to your general decoration. You can crochet a beautiful bread basket to use in the kitchen or a decorative vase would be very nice to spice up the environment.

It is so easy to crochet T-shirt Yarn with his soft structure also thick. This way you can quickly conclude any project you have started. It is also very easy to clean a product obtained with T-shirt yarn. No worries about it.

T-shirt yarn is one of the leading yarn types in the handcraft world. You can do your shopping quickly and easily from best cotton T-Shirt Yarn from

Wholesale T-Shirt Yarn

You can also have Loop’ncraft T-Shirt Yarns in Wholesale . It will be more advantageous for you to make wholesale purchases for your inventory or for multiple orders.

Wholesale orders are evaluated over at least 100 pieces. Price offers vary according to the increasing number of products. Shipments are made by parcel or pallet depending on the number of products.

If you want to have more Loop’ncraft products, you can contact us with our customer service or by filling out the form on the wholesale section of our website.

Check it all our T-shirt Yarn options and crochet for future!
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