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How to Half Double Crochet (HDC) for Beginner Crocheters ?

This is the secret technique of all times. It's neither single crochet nor double crochet but looking like both of them. Let's see what the secret ingredients inside of this naughty half double crochet :)

How to Increase & Decrease for Beginner Crocheters?

You must definitely know these two techniques for create cute amigurumi toys, decorative baskets, bags, place mats. Let's save you time and money. Watch this video and be your own designer!

How to Chain (CH) for beginner crocheters

This chain technique is the perfect start to crocheting! You can easily crochet baskets, amigurumi toys,bags, blankets and more for yourself and your loved ones!

How to Magic Ring (mr) for Beginner Crocheters ?

Do you want to learn some magic? watch this video to be partner to magic! This enchanted start will open you magical door of Yarnderland!

How to Double Crochet (DC) for Beginner Crocheters ?

Here is a super easy double crochet video for you. You will learn crocheting only in seconds and create amazing projects! Let's get down to crochet!

How to Single Crochet (sc) for Beginner Crocheters ?

Only his name is Single but he doesn't like to be single. Let's watch the video and make him more friends :)

How to Slip Knot for Beginner Crocheters ?

This super simple technique is the first step of every project! You will use this technique not only for crochet projects but for start of knitting projects. Let's make together this big step and add big different to your knitting/crocheting story!